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Love and Abuse

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Mar 12, 2019

Some people have a strange way of showing they care by sending you small messages out of the blue to get you to think about them. In reality, this is a manipulative tactic to make sure you never get them out of your mind. Breadcrumbing can happen for many reasons, but the main two reasons are:

1. The person wants to keep you as a hookup for sex

2. The person wants to make sure you can't stop thinking about them for some narcissistic high.

A sex-only relationship can be maintained if both are very clear that it's only about sex and not about getting into a relationship, and as long as there are no hurt feelings.

But if the manipulative person is continually making you think of them through messages and texts knowing that you want to be in a relationship with them, but they have no intention of committing to one with you, you are being could be being led down a painful road of hope and disappointment.

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